A Fresh Start with a Positive Twist

Once again, we are back to the beginning and it is 2012.  Each year I always say I’m determined to do this and that…but the beauty about this year is that I can actually feel change in my bones!  I am ready to make my life better and happier than ever!  I’m ready to break out of that negative fish bowl I’ve been living in!

The difficult thing is that a fresh start in life is hard to do.  Not only does it take energy, will power, determination and yes, there are probably some tears mixed in there as well.  My mission this year is not to give my life a complete overhaul, but to take small steps on the path to ensuring a happy and healthy life.  I’m hoping that any small feat I can accomplish will not only do me a world of good, but those closest to me also.

So my first efforts have been mainly focused on one thing…having a more positive attitude.  As we all know, a negative attitude can ruin a morning, wreck a day, rub off on others around you and leave you feeling like you’ve just been through the most exhausting day of your life.  Well I am done with feeling like that.  Not saying that I still won’t have bad days or get in a bad mood, but I’m combating those negative feelings one at a time because I refuse to live my days like that!  I DESERVE BETTER AND SO DO YOU!  Trying to stay positive seems like a big task to take on, but just by making the smallest changes and putting a little effort in my daily routine, I can already feel the difference.  I feel a little more energized, a bit creative and more determined than ever!

Whether you feel like you could use a dose of positive energy or not, here is just one of the ways that I’ve been blasting the negativity first thing in the morning.  I have signed up to a daily blog called The Daily Love. (This is a free sign-up by the way – click on the highlighted Daily Love to sign up).  It’s an inspirational blog full of positive quotes, stories, and videos.  It is delivered to you via email every morning and just reading a few of the items helps me to start off my day on a more positive note.  There are mornings when I don’t even have time to read much more than the title, but just seeing it in my inbox reminds me that there is a positive message being sent to help keep me on a positive track and I love that.  It’s like a silent friend helping to point you in the right direction.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up and get some positive energy flowing your way.  Trust me…it’s amazing how just a few positive thoughts can help brighten up your day!


~ by pinkhoneybee on January 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “A Fresh Start with a Positive Twist”

  1. Positive thinking! Yes! I am very pessimistic in my normal life, and I am trying to bring more positive this year as well.

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