The Long and Winding Road

– Magnet from Quoteable Cards

After much thought, deliberation, time and of course frustration, I have found myself on a new journey in life.  The long and winding road that I’m attempting to take will hopefully lead me to re-evaluate who I am and what my goals are for the present and the future to come.  As you can imagine, the simple phrase of ‘re-evaluating life’ is more complicated than it looks or sounds, but I am determined to search within myself and all around me until I feel I have come full circle and found that secret that everyone is always searching for…HAPPINESS!  With that in mind, I hope to share with you here and there interesting tidbits that I find along the way which have inspired or challenged me in some way.  I will start with this amazing prose comparing life and a lotus flower. 


Live Like A Lotus In The Water  – by  Sri Swami Satchidananda

The lotus is considered to be a very holy and divine flower. Not just because of its beauty, but also because of its qualities. A lotus flower grows in very shallow water, usually in a muddy area. Though it comes out of the mud and mire, it rises as a beautiful flower that lives in the water without being affected by it. The lotus flower is always given as an example for one who wants to live spiritually in the world. It is said, “Live like a lotus in the water.” The lotus leaf is right in the water, but it’s never moistened by the water. When you pick it up, it’s completely dry. It never gets wet. If you throw a little water over it, the water will roll off and scatter around like pearls.

A person should live like the lotus, being in the world but not affected by it. You should always express your natural beauty, though you may grow in a dirty place. Nothing from outside should affect you.

The lotus flower turns its head towards the sun always. That means it always turns towards the light; it receives the light constantly. So you can say it’s an ever-enlightened flower.


~ by pinkhoneybee on October 28, 2011.

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