Rainy Days and Mondays

As I woke up this Monday morning, I was disappointed with the fact that the weekend was over, but also pleasantly surprised that it was raining outside.  Having spent time living in England, I have quite a bit of respect and love for rainy weather.  My time residing there was a very joyful time, so rain sort of equals happy in my mind (yes, I am crazy…I know).   Although to many, I know rain and dreary weather triggers more negatives than positives.  Sometimes it can make people tired or disrupt their mood.  But on days like today, you need to fight off the doom and gloom from the rain and look at the enjoyable side of things.  So from a well experienced and educated rain lover, I thought I’d give you a list of some fun things to do when it is raining cats and dogs outside. 


1. Comfort Food – Rainy weather is a perfect time to indulge in a little comfort food.  Bake something warm and delicious or stop at your favorite place and have something soothing for dinner.  The intoxication of smells and tastes from your favorite food can brighten any day, no matter what the weather outside is like.

2. Movies – If you are anything like me, there are dvds sitting around your house that you have yet to watch, or there is a movie playing at the cinema that you’d love to see but never make the time for.  Rainy days are a perfect day to take in a movie and kick back with some warm, buttery popcorn. 

3. Puddle Jumping – No matter what your age, there is something liberating about putting on your rain gear and playing outside in the rain.  Stomping in puddles, watching the rain fall, making mud pies – whatever your rainy day preference is, embrace it, run wild and HAVE FUN!

4. Read – For those who love books like I do, there is nothing better than curling up with an afghan and a good book.  For added effect, open the window closest to you so you can hear and smell the rain…it’s a nice added touch…I promise.

5. Organize – As annoying as organizing projects can be, they don’t seem as tedious when the weather outside is dreary.  So get organized when the rain won’t go away, so you can do the all the other things on your list when the sun finally comes out.

6. Explore Indoors – On a rainy day, take the opportunity to visit places that keep you inside, like museums, aquariums, science centers, etc…  These are great places to spend the day without having to battle the weather outside.

7. Board Games – Some people play board games regularly, but many don’t.  When it’s raining outside, it’s a perfect opportunity to drag out your Battleship or Scrabble game and play a few rounds with your friends or family.  Not only are games fun, but they are a good stress reliever too!

8. Workout Indoors – Rainy weather might make you feel like your energy is zapped, but it’s really a great time to get moving and workout inside.  Do some yoga or throw in that workout dvd you never get a chance to use.  The rain outside will cool down the temperature and make you feel refreshed inside and out.

9. Pick Up the Phone – When it’s dark and rainy and you feel shut in, call up someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and catch up.  It will brighten your mood and make the weather seem not so bad.

10. Sleep – I don’t know about you, but taking a nap when it’s raining outside is one of the best feelings ever.  So snuggle up with your blanket or someone you love and get some shut eye.  You will feel rejuvenated when you wake up…and by then, the sun might even be out!


~ by pinkhoneybee on June 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rainy Days and Mondays”

  1. Well, as of this Monday, I’ll take a little of #10 when the day is finally done!

  2. Yes! I love this post! Great ideas, and a wonderful reminder that rain is actually pretty beautiful. =)

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