Tweet Me A Love Letter?

I grew up during a time with no personal computers, no mobile phones and no social networking besides calling on the telephone (the amount of phone numbers I had memorized was unbelievable).  Even with having a technology-less childhood, I received amazing messages from loved ones, kept in touch with old friends and was even able to make plans with people without having the ability to text them beforehand. 

It is no wonder then why I still believe in the power of handwritten letters, books printed on paper and actually speaking with friends to catch up (not checking out their Facebook status for updates).  With this said, you would think I am against these new technology advancements and networking crazes…but I am not. 

I use Facebook and Twitter and can fly on my Blackberry faster than Harry Potter on his broomstick.  It is true that blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms can sometimes cause problems, but when used responsibly, they are useful, fun and they do bring a refreshing je ne sais quoi into everyday life.

As a hopeless romantic, there’s something untouchable about a love letter that is actually written, not typed (and not limited to a certain number of characters).  But there is also a part of me that gets butterflies when a certain text comes through or a certain person leaves me a pretty sweet tweet.  In both cases, I guess the thing that matters most is that someone else took the time to reach out to you.  Life is always a busy, chaotic whirlwind and technology has been adapted to help us keep moving quickly, but to not lose track of what is important to us…like friends and family or news and current events.

In the end, I’m glad I grew up technology free, as it has allowed me to have the best of both worlds.  I know many people who prefer life with and without it, but I figure since it is here, we might as well embrace it, understand it and do our part to keep the love letters flowing…whichever way you want to send them – by hand, by status or by tweet.

PS: I must make it vividly clear, that even though I’m an advocate of embracing new technologies, no one will ever convince me that physically reading a book (you know…holding it in your hands, flipping the pages, smelling the paper and the ink) is a sensation that can be replaced with reading a book on a computer or a machine.  So please support KEEPING PRINT ALIVE!!!!!


~ by pinkhoneybee on May 20, 2010.

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