A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s SPRING!  Even though it may not feel like it some days for us Northern folks.  But it IS officially here.  Which means we can wipe away the cobwebs from our eyes and breathe in deeply a dose of air that is filled with the sweet scent of wet soil, blossoms a plenty and that intoxication of fresh, new beginnings. 

Spring is that glorious time of year where you feel lighter and you get energized again after a long hibernating winter, which leaves you with a feeling of getting out there and trying new things.  Well my new thing this year that I’ve been gearing up to do is starting my first garden.  It is something I have always wanted to do, so I decided 2010 is the year to try my hand at growing something.  I inevitably researched and researched, decided what I wanted to plant and finally got the seeds started that needed to be sowed ahead of time indoors.  And to my great surprise, I’ve had 144 seeds germinate already! 

I’m trying my hand at the staples this year, like tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peas, and so on.  Of course I’ve thrown a little mix in there with arugula, squash, corn and an enormous array of flowers.  It should be interesting to see how my first garden turns out.  But I have extremely high hopes.  I’m excited to not only watch everything grow, but to actually go in my garden and find the ingredients to make my own meals.  It will be a collision of nature at its best and the pride of my handy work…which I’m sure equals tasty! 

I want to note also, that I officially made it through my first month of blogging.  That in itself is refreshing as I think it gets a bit easier as you go along.  I’ve been trying to quickly grow the blog as time allows, so please take a look at my new pages listed in the side bar on the right, under the calendar.  Just click on the links and they will take you there.  Right below that is the place to subscribe to my blog, which will alert you to new updates…so please sign up and follow my ramblings! 

With Easter around the corner, I hope that the Easter Bunny finds each and every one of you and that you have a very lovely weekend.  In most places, the weather is looking to be nice, so soak up that sunshine and embrace any of the new beginnings YOU might be starting this Spring.  I promise you that a breath of fresh air is good for the soul…it has done wonders for me already.


~ by pinkhoneybee on April 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Breath of Fresh Air”

  1. Love that you’ve gone green fingered 🙂 Oh and i know this isn’t the place to comment, but isn’t the Modern Book of Science Writing awesome. It’s one of the 6 i have on the go at the moment and I find it just so inspiring!

    • I’m super excited about my garden this year. Wish you were here to share in the wealth! And yes, I am loving the Book of Science Writing. It brings back the good old Science Communication days and gets me all scientifically revved up. 🙂

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