Shout It Out Loud

Music is something I greatly enjoy and I was fortunate enough to see a few live concerts last year.  It isn’t an easy feat these days since the closest (good) concerts come to me is about 4 hours away in Boston.  That said, I made the effort with some friends to venture out and catch a few.  One of the concerts I got tickets to see was the band KISS.  Having grown up with their music and with them being in that “Rock Legends” category, I figured it was a good one to see as they were coming through New England.

On the day of the show, my friends and I headed to Boston, quickly checked into the hotel and then ventured out to find a place for some food and drinks before the concert.  We luckily stumbled upon McGann’s Irish Pub.  It looked like a quiet pub from the outside and it was just a stone’s throw away from the TD Garden arena which worked well for us.  It was pretty empty in there (but huge inside), so we grabbed some stools at the bar and ordered a drink.  I would say within an hour, people started to pour in…when I say pour, I mean there was barely any standing room left.  At this point, the bartender switched the overhead music strictly to KISS and everyone started to party.  It was phenomenal…everyone who entered pretty much was going to the concert.  And everyone we talked to had a story and a history about their devoted relationship with KISS. 

My highlight of course was meeting a member of the KISS ARMY that was dressed up like Ace Frehley.  He was not only a die-hard fan but such a great addition to hang out with before the concert.  He had been to over 30 KISS concerts and had the most captivating stories about each of them.

As concert time approached, we headed into the arena.  First, we obviously had to grab the important stuff like t-shirts, programs, food, drinks, etc…  So there we were, carrying all of our stuff and rushing to find our seats before the concert started.  And that’s when it hit us.  OUR SEATS WERE RIGHT AT THE CORNER OF THE STAGE!  Everyone had made it my job to pick our seats and purchase them off Ebay, so I knew we would be close, but I never imagined our seats would end up right on the front line.  It was literally a first row concert experience like never before. 

When the concert started and KISS came out on stage, the entire place exploded with mayhem.  I have been to many concerts in my life, but nothing like this.  There were fireworks, confetti, and pyro …and we were so close to the stage that the skin on my face felt like it was melting off every time they sprayed fire into the air.  It was amazing.  Not only were the effects top-notch, KISS sounded incredible.  They put on one heck of a show.  For being a band that has been together for 35 + years, they still know what it takes to please a crowd.  Needless to say, I have never screamed so loud nor pumped the sign of the horns for 3 straight hours before!  It is a sensation I will never forget.

I woke up that next morning feeling how a rock star must feel. I had confetti and glitter on my clothes that I had been wearing the night before, my voice was gone, my body ached from thrashing around all night and I was utterly exhausted…but it all was definitely worth it.  Four hours is a long way to travel for a concert, but I’m so grateful I made the trek.  It was such an outstanding show and such an unforgettable experience.  Even though KISS is not in my #1 slot for favorite band…I am happy to report that KISS put on the best hard-core rock and roll show I could have ever imagined.


~ by pinkhoneybee on March 16, 2010.

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  1. Woohoo! I love “Concert Lizz”!

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