Without Rhyme or Reason

Poetry has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember.  So has writing it.  I find it extraordinary how words can make you think, feel…remember.  For me, writing poetry is more of a delicate expression of my thoughts rather than something concrete.  It’s a way to reveal how grand the little things in life really are. 

The Concealed Garden

The morning dew slept softly on the blushing rose petals, without a worried glance towards the sun that was beginning to embrace them.

A lush greenery awakens with foggy eyes, feeling an overwhelming desire to be fondled and inhaled at least once today by the passers-by.

Vibrant colors of gold and majestic purple look up to the sky for approval, having grown into fine specimens of raging splendor with such delicate ease.

It is here in this tranquility that purity releases the ghosts of yesterday and allows the sweet fragrances to rouse the senses; enabling the spirit to be reborn.

© Pinkhoneybee and Life’s Little Splendors 2010.

The Last Goodbye

This shell, this home, I cannot live within these skeleton bones

The clinking and the clanking of mortar and worn out stone.

Misty trees call to me, beckon me to the nearest coast

But along the way I lost my old sea legs and woke up with both of my tattered wings broke.

Tonight, I just might, fight to the depths of this bottomless blue

With fists of fury and hell in my hands, I will remember that I do not need any part of you.

I do not need this desolate cage that you made from your twisted thorns of lies

This time I will rise, with my head held up high, no more weakened excuses, just my last goodbye.

© Pinkhoneybee and Life’s Little Splendors 2010


~ by pinkhoneybee on March 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Without Rhyme or Reason”

  1. When did you write The Last Goodbye? I think it’s incredible. I also am positive I’ve read it before when we were in London? Or does it lift from your prior work. Either way big big kudos, I think it’s fantastic!

    • I wrote The Concealed Garden in London, but The Last Goodbye was written once I moved to Maine. I actually had that one published in a magazine a few years back. 🙂

      • Ahh maybe that’s it – maybe you sent it through when it was published. Love it!

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