These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Growing up in Wisconsin, living in England, and now residing on the east coast, I’ve endured my fair share of rain, mud, slush, sludge, sleet and snow.  As one does eventually get used to their surroundings, as intelligent humans, we tend to always look for better ways to adapt.

With many years (I won’t divulge how many) under my belt of battling what mother nature has to throw at us, I’ve learned that dressing appropriately is more important than looking good.  Not saying that I will no longer risk my life wearing 4 inch heels in the rain, sleet and snow, because I still do when the occasion calls…I’m just saying on a regular basis, I realize that practicality over style is probably a wiser option in the colder, wetter climates.

In preparation for the weather this year, I went in search of a new pair of rain boots.  Although I’ve had a few pairs in the past, they have never been something I’ve been dying to wear.  They have been plastic-like and unflattering, and none of them would ever fit right.  With a little digging on the internet, I found what seemed to be the answer to all of my past problems.  Practical rain boots that I would actually enjoy breaking out of the closet and wearing!  The name of the company that makes these little gems is called Chooka.  They mostly make boots for women and children, but they have a few styles for men also.  Their boots come in unique designs and colors; like animals, flowers, tattoo art, graffiti, plaid, dots…you name it, they have it.  For those that don’t want something as flashy, they have more sedate styles too. 

I decided to go full steam ahead last week and ordered a pair of boots from Chooka…I had been immediately drawn to the Fat Bird Dots, so that’s what I chose.  I must say that I was ecstatic when they arrived.  They were sturdy, actually smelled and felt like rubber (not plastic) and fit amazingly well, just as I had hoped.  I have already put them to the test and the results met all of my expectations.  They kept me dry, felt good on my feet…and of course the fat little blue birds on them made my wet surroundings seem not so gloomy. 

As Mark Twain once said, “Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”  So I say go ahead and prepare for the worst of what’s to come, and if you can look good in doing so…well then that’s even better.


~ by pinkhoneybee on March 9, 2010.

7 Responses to “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”

  1. I was just (yesterday!) talking to a friend about how neither of us really thought about boots until we were ridiculously old. Like…not only do boots keep your feet dry, but they also keep your feet WARM! Who knew?! These are adorable – I’m going to check the site. =)

  2. Ok, these are soo cool. Maybe it’s also a sign of my advancing age. There’s a thought… 😉

    • You are still younger than me! No matter what these boots are hard to resist. I can see you with a pair. 😉

      • Haha! Walking Gus in the deepest wilds of Somerset, you’re not so far wrong! My green hunters are so very drab by comparison!

  3. adorable wellies! i’ve been looking for cute AND practical wellies. would come in very handy here in london.

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