Introducing…Hallowell, Maine

Since landing myself in Maine, I’ve made every effort to explore my new surroundings.  Maine’s history, culture and way of life are a fascinating one…so there is always plenty to do and see.  One of my favorite places to visit in Maine is the city of Hallowell.  Hallowell, Maine is located right outside of Augusta (the state’s capital). The city is like a little secret world waiting to be discovered.  It’s nestled right along the Kennebec River, so the scenery is amazing and there are little shops and restaurants up and down the streets that are wonderfully one of a kind. Whether you are a Mainer looking for a little getaway or a person visiting Maine for the first time, Hallowell is definitely a place that is worth a stop. 

Here are a couple of my top picks in Hallowell:

Slate’s Restaurant  

My favorite place to eat when in Hallowell is Slate’s Restaurant.  The food is absolutely delicious, with tons of choices on the menu.  They also get most of their produce from local organic farmers, which make each dish even better.  The entrée I always have to get is their fresh Cavaletti pasta with organic baby spinach Alfredo sauce (sometimes I get shrimp added to it).  The homemade pasta has a perfect texture, and when combined with the creamy sauce and organic spinach, each bite literally melts in your mouth.


The Benjamin Wales House Bed & Breakfast 

My favorite place to stay when in Hallowell is the Benjamin Wales House Bed & Breakfast.  This B & B is on the historical register, decorated amazingly and has different common rooms like a library and pool room that you can kick back in.  The owner is very friendly and makes you feel welcome the moment you walk through the door (which is always a plus at a B & B).  The prices are reasonable and the rooms themselves are filled with antiques and pieces of furniture you would love to take home with you.  Best of all…in the morning, you get a homemade breakfast that includes fresh baked muffins, fruit and whatever they are serving up that day.    

Brahms Mount

Brahms Mount makes the most amazing textiles I have ever laid my hands on.  All of their merchandise is actually made on antique shuttle looms (which I was lucky enough to see on one of my visits).  The materials end up so versatile and luxurious, it is like nothing you could ever imagine.  Many hotels around the world carry their line and they also cater to many celebrities.  This place is a definite MUST to check out.




~ by pinkhoneybee on March 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Introducing…Hallowell, Maine”

  1. I bought Em’s wedding ring at Russell’s Gems in Hallowell. It’s a great little town!

  2. I love the liberal cup, they have an awesome roasted portabella and pepper sandwich. Yum!

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