A Little Piece of Heaven for Breakfast

Over the past years, I have become very interested in food.  Not only trying new things when travelling or out to dinner, but also in my own kitchen.  Am I destined to become the next Food Network star? I doubt it.  I do however find cooking very entertaining, and it also seems to be a great stress reliever!

A few years ago, a special someone turned me on to the edible delight of poached eggs for breakfast.  If you have never tried poached eggs, you must…they are delightful.  Put them on toast, an English muffin, whatever you like and it is heaven.  That said, one morning while preparing to make poached eggs, I thought for a minute on how I could make them even better.  Funny enough, the answer came to me quite quickly and effortlessly. It was the two ingredients I’m completely obsessed with…the two items that always have to be in my refrigerator or I cannot function on a daily basis.  These two ingredients are crumbled goat cheese and arugula (also known as rocket in other places around the world).  Those of you who have not tried goat cheese or arugula or do not enjoy experimenting with food, you may turn up your nose at this very idea.  But I promise you, the softness of the goat cheese and the peppery taste of the arugula leafs take poached eggs to an entirely new level.  It tastes amazing, takes only minutes to make and it looks like something you would get from a room service menu at a five-star luxury hotel.

For the eggs:

Fill a deep fry pan with water.  Add a tablespoon (I use a capful) of apple cider vinegar to keep the egg whites from seperating.  Bring the water to a boil and then add the eggs.  Boil for 4 minutes exactly and then take them off the heat.  Serve immediately as they are best warm.

To assemble the poached eggs extraordinaire:

Toast an English muffin and lightly butter.  Next, top each half of the muffin with crumbled goat cheese.  (Use a small or substantial amount, depending on your preference).  Then add torn up pieces of arugula on top of the goat cheese.  Lastly, place a poached egg on top of the arugula on each muffin half.  Season to your preference.  *(I use garlic powder, sea salt, ground black pepper and parsley).

Bon Appétit!


~ by pinkhoneybee on March 2, 2010.

One Response to “A Little Piece of Heaven for Breakfast”

  1. This looks AMAZING. I’m still working on poaching the perfect egg – I’m going to try out the apple cider vinegar idea. Thanks for the lovely post! Looking forward to reading more. =)

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